With litmus paper, we know exactly where things fall on the PH scale. What if there was a dating test that did the same? Here’s one woman’s never-fail test.

I have created something I call the Litmus Test, it is a way to relatively quickly determine if a date has any kind of future or not (just for me). We are all different, and need different things to feel heard, seen, and fulfilled. I’m a very physical girl, touch is extremely important to me and I’m very tactile. I’ve always been very physically active, as a dancer, massage therapist, healer, and Pilates instructor my work has always involved a high level of physicality.

How someone inhabits his body is something I notice. I also have an acutely refined esthetic sense, so visual appeal is important to me—not so much in a superficial way that he must be “pretty” but how he presents overall matters, how he moves, looks, and especially ease and comfort in his own skin. Those are all things I notice almost instinctively.

I can feel if someone is going to be a good lover or not, if he has taken the time to become a good lover to someone in the past, if he knows how to read a body, partially based on how he inhabits his own.

So we sit there at all these endless coffee dates, across from of each other at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Peet’s Coffee. It’s a first meeting after we have selected each other on some dating app or website. We have texted back and forth, we have usually had a conversation or two, and now we meet for the coffee in person for the first time to sniff each other out.

We ask all the usual questions (and they bore me to tears) how do you like this app/website? How is it going for you? Have you met any nice people? What are you looking for? A fling? Just sex? A relationship? We sit there trying to find the truth in the lies.

At this point, I start to feel into his energy, listening to what is said and paying close attention to what is not said…

Around this time is when I always take a moment and close my eyes and try to imagine him naked, really seeing him naked and I take it a step further and try to imagine if I would like to lick him naked, would I like to lick this man’s naked body? I ask myself that question, and I sit with the answer for a while, imagining tasting him, his skin, his sweat, his genitals at the tip of my tongue.

And the answer to that imaginary questioning is the Litmus Test!

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