What Our Clients Say

Due to the confidential nature of my work, I have many unlisted testimonials available upon request. —Trine


Write Your Passion – Erotica Writing

I never considered myself an ‘erotica writer’ (or any kind of writer) before I took Trine’s Write Your Passion workshop, and I was pretty nervous going in. But I was delighted to find an energized group of wickedly smart and funny women who all brought their amazing storytelling skills out to play. Thanks to Trine and the group, before long, I was putting my passions on the page and loving every minute of it! Am I an ‘erotica writer’? Oh, you betcha.

Toddy RushLos Angeles

Who knew writing erotica could be so much fun! Being an avid reader of erotica, I never imagined I could or would enjoy writing it. Trine’s class is a fun, creative, and safe place to explore sides of yourself that I for one never imagined exploring. I eagerly look forward to the next class and publishing my own spicy writing in the future.

Layla IndigoLos Angeles

Coaching Programs

What a fabulous experience is Trine’s online Tapping Into Your Purpose tele-course. A rare and precious hour and a half every week to delve into what motivates and drives self and how easy it can be to self-sabotage when one gets distracted from what lies at the core of each of us. Trine is the most generous and inspiring coach.

Rachel L.Communications ConsultantLondon, UK

The unique factor in Trine’s class is her approach to the whole person to promote a change in one’s  perception of self, and one’s vision of life.

I was surprised that the work affected me viscerally, while integrating my emotional nature to my intellect. Simply, it hits where I live and therefore creates effective change. Trine’s methods are amazingly effective and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Michael TrevorrowMassage TherapistSanta Monica

Of all the coaching experiences I’ve had, I’ve been most satisfied with is Trine Jensen and her Success On My Own Terms programs.

Trine’s Tapping Into Your Purpose telecourse woke me up to stare my desires in the face, made me stop shying away from and making excuses and drew me out of a protection shell of over-confidence.

Trine has me moving and working confidently and compassionately in the direction of my dreams.

Jacqueline KuonenCorporate Trainer and Relationship CoachColumbus, GA

Speaking and Workshops

Trine has given multiple talks and workshops at Cardio Barre in Santa Monica. She always has an inviting spirit and a true gift for connecting with her audience. Trine keeps her audience interested with her experiential style so they are not just sitting there listening. They get loads of information and have fun being engaged with her and with each other. Trine has the ability to deliver her material and tap into the spirit in the room, creating a safe place with warmth and humor. I highly recommend her!

Lauren FarettaOwnerCardio BarreSanta Monica

Trine empowers people in a very unique way. Even her keynote speeches are interactive, providing her audiences with experiences they never forget. She starts and motivates them on their road to finding love.

Mimi DonaldsonInternationally-renowned Speaker, Author and Speech CoachMarina Del Rey, CA

Individual Clients

Trine’s frank perspective was life changing, both for my business and personal life. Trine helped me see myself differently, to see the cards and power I have, and gave me the tools to experiment and explore within a very safe space. Throughout, I felt supported and safe, exposed and empowered. Life changing, indeed.

Mark E.CEO and Founder, OMUK London, UK

Although I had HEARD that Trine had a unique approach for guiding people in getting clear about their Personal Vision, I was NOT looking to hire yet another coach! Being a big vision/dreams person, I had recruited more coaches and coaching programs than I could handle in an effort to reach my goals. However, instead of being empowered by all these resources I was left feeling pulled in multiple directions.

When I broke down in tears sharing with Trine, how I felt overwhelmed, annoyed, anxious and confused I got a glimpse into how powerful, insightful and intuitive she is and knew I had to work with her.

I felt like I was the one in charge of my team and I started getting the results I had been chasing for years. This tool has given me access to making decisions that align my business, my personal AND spiritual goals. The value from my VIP day with Trine is immeasurable and I am forever grateful!

Yvonne LarsonFounderThe Neck Work Expert and The Massage Business AcademyLos Angeles

I have been working with Trine for the past two years. In that time, I have been able to leave my day job because my business now fully supports me, and that was my biggest goal when I came to her. I have completed my certification as a personal trainer, built a private training business, while also increasing the weekly fitness classes I love teaching. These changes have increased my income, and my excitement about growing my business.

If you need a little push to get out of your day job and into the business of your dreams, Trine is your coach.

Allison MarabatePersonal Trainer and Zumba InstructorSanta Monica

Before working with Trine, I was going through some emotional turmoil that was really affecting my business in a negative way. And then I had my session with Trine which felt like “God sent” help, exactly what I needed.

The healing I got was deep and profound and it changed many negative beliefs I had programmed in my head since I was seven!  If you are the type of person who often struggles with “gremlins” and negative self talk about growing your business, I highly recommend Trine Jensen, because if you don’t address those issues, they will negatively affect both your business and your life!

Katherine BouglaiBrand Designer, Speaker, CoachSeattle, WA

Trine showed great care and compassion in helping me work through some very personal problems. As we worked together to define my goals, I found her solutions to have great credibility. With her professional manner and personal interest, Trine was a pleasure to work with. She always reminded me that success comes from a healthy balance of discipline, desire, and determination. She gave me the tools that helped me perform at my best. I recommend Trine to anyone who wants to start or expand his/her capabilities. She gets the big picture and turns dreams into reality.

Errol NavickasLandscape ArchitechtGranada Hills