One-On-One Sessions

Trine offers the individual sessions listed below. Some are only offered in person in Los Angeles and others are offered online. Please check each modality for details. Trine also offers individual coaching and healing and provides erotica writing support. Schedule a session here.

Life Activation

Life ActivationThis 22-strand DNA Activation is an empowerment system that enables you to attract and retain more Light (positive energy) in your physical and energy body, maximizing your potential by manifesting unrealized talents, creativity and clarity. The process begins to release unconscious patterns (old emotional traps we fall into), while increasing your ability to use more of your brain and clearing negative ancestral programming.
In addition to the Life Activation itself, this session includes several energy alignments to help you achieve a sense of peace and connection between your mind, body and spirit. Also included is a one-month supply of vibrational energy drops to further assist in the energy clearing.
Life Activation in person only – $250

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EnSofic Reiki Healing

Reiki HealingThis pure Japanese lineage, Reiki is directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of the original Reiki healing system. It restores the flow of energy to areas of the body which may be stagnant due to injury or illness and is also a powerful relaxation modality, which aids in stress reduction, general wellness and vitality.
Reiki session in-person – $250
Reiki session via phone or Skype – $199

Ensofic Ray Healing

HealingThe Ensofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy, containing purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to permanently destroy darkness, penetrating and activating your divine core.
This healing modality is a process of re-orienting body, soul, and spirit into alignment by destroying imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns. It seals your physical and energy bodies, allowing you to create the life you desire. This is a great modality if you want to experience more passion in life. Ensofic Ray is delivered as a series of three sessions.
Ensofic Ray 3 sessions in-person – $750


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To book a 90-minute healing or coaching session with Trine, click the link below and we will be in touch with you (within 24 hours via email) to schedule a convenient appointment time.

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Healing and Coaching sessions are $250 for 90 minutes.
Packages with a 10% discount are available when paid in full, up front and can be scheduled via Trine.

Trine offers other modalities in addition to these. For more information, contact Trine.