Relationship Without Sacrifice

First of all what is relationship to Service, and secondly what does it have to do with your relationships with others? The relationship to Service is about becoming aware of what you have to offer and what you contribute. If we operate from the premise that all of us are unique and have distinctly different things to contribute, then the relationship to Service becomes synonymous with the contribution we make. We’re going to look at the aspect of Service that applies to relationships. Relationship is obviously about both giving and receiving, but many only focus on the aspect of what they want, not on what they are going to give.

The “Why are we together?” question we ask relative to the relationships we are in prompts other questions we ask ourselves: “Why am I here with this person?” and “How can I, as a unique human being, make a contribution to the other human being in this relationship?” What can I do to make this a valuable, enriching, and satisfying relationship for both of us?


Your Vision Puzzle  

I want to address what pieces must be in order to be able to develop an effective Vision for a relationship. Knowing your contribution is one of the pieces of the puzzle for developing that Vision. A life of happiness, contentment, and fulfillment is also a life of meaning. The way for us to live a life of meaning is by living a life of engagement. We can’t find deep meaning in things if we’re not engaged in them. And we can’t engage ourselves in things that are meaningless to us. It is a Catch-22. So that’s why we looked at all the information from the two earlier relationships we explored—the one to Self and the one to Source—to provide us with a wealth of information to draw from. What creates passion and engagement for you? What guides and inspires you?

We begin to look at all this information—your likes, dislikes, desires, interests, passions, talents, gifts and even your dark side from your relationship to Self—and then we add what guides you and what inspires you from your relationship to Source. Then the final element, the contribution you long to make comes from the relationship to Service, as if they are all ingredients in the recipe that you follow in order to develop your desired relationship Vision.


I believe people are born with an intuitive sense of what makes them unique.

Sometimes it shows up clearly and other times indirectly. Some people barely think about it, and it remains unclear their whole lives. Others seem to be born knowing. Your Service, your contribution as applied to relationship, is not something you get paid for, but it can be. Think of it more as your daily expression of who you are; these are the qualities that show up with you wherever you go and whatever you do, if you are playing full out and striving to reach your ultimate potential.

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